FlexiGraft®  GraftLink® TS

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Instructions for Use
Product Specifications

FlexiGRAFT® GraftLink TS

FlexiGraft GraftLink TS is a pre‑sutured tendon construct that is indicated for soft tissue approximation and/or ligation. It can be used for ACL and PCL Reconstruction procedures.

  • Convenience: No prep time or time‑consuming recovery of autograft required. An out‑of‑the‑box option for OR efficiency.
  • Consistency: Trained technicians assemble the allograft for consistency. Removes the variability between surgical assistants or physician assistants preparing the tendon.
  • Appropriate Strength for ACL & PCL: Biomechanical testing demonstrated that GraftLink TS   pre‑sutured tendons have greater ultimate load than unstitched tendons. Testing also showed   that tibial side fixation was stronger than traditional interference screw fixation.1
  • Compatible: Construct was designed to be used with the Arthrex GraftLink All‑Inside ACL/PCL Reconstruction techniques.
  • Patient-Friendly: Construct eliminates donor‑site morbidity and associated pain from autograft harvest. This makes the procedure less invasive and potentially decreases OR time. Less OR time can mean less time under anesthesia and less tourniquet time.2
  • Sterile:  GraftLink TS is sterilized using proprietary and patented Allowash XG® technology. This provides a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10‑6, without compromising the construct’s inherent biomechanical properties.
Clinical Application
  • ACL Reconstruction
  • PCL Reconstruction
Frozen Description Sizing
FGLTS GraftLink® L = 65 - 80 mm; D = 8.5 mm

1. Arthrex LA0158A Biomechanical testing, tibial side; LA1‑0159‑EN_A Biomechanical testing.

2. Oro et al. Autograft Versus Allograft: An Economic Cost Comparison of Anterior Cruciate Ligament    Reconstruction. Arthroscopy. 2011; 27(9):1219‑1225.

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