Write Thanks 2 You Letter
Write Thanks 2 You Letter

Write a Thanks2You Letter

Are you a recipient of tissue or of one or more organs?
Would you like to start from a message style, or write your own?
Some additional information you may want to include:
  • Explain how the transplant improved your health or changed your life.
  • Explain what things you now enjoy that you didn't before (jogging, grandchildren, new job, etc.).
  • Explain things you celebrated in a whole new light (wedding, birthday, graduation, birth).

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May we contact you about opportunities to share your experience with tissue donation or, potentially, to speak at events about the impact of donation?*

*I understand that if I do not reside in the Designated Service Area of LifeNet Health, my contact information will be provided to the appropriate recovery agency so that their representative may contact me regarding volunteer opportunities.

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