LifeNet Health is comprised of multiple divisions that work together to achieve our collective mission of saving lives, restoring health and giving hope. The divisions include Bio-Implants, Tissue Services, Transplant Services, LifeNet Health in Florida, LifeNet Health in the Pacific Northwest, The Institute of Regenerative Medicine, The LifeNet Health Foundation and the International Division.

Biologics Division

LifeNet Health Biologics is a leader in the engineering and processing of dental, cardiovascular, spinal and orthopedic bio-implants and distributes nearly 1,000,000 allografts every year to restore health to patients around the world.

LifeNet Health LifeSciences

LifeNet Health LifeSciences meets the demand for human primary cells, tissues, and 3D Models for scientific research, drug discovery, and safety testing. Our unprecedented access to donors and our unwavering commitment to honoring the donor gift lead to high-quality, human-relevant research solutions that accelerate discovery and optimize outcomes for future generations.

Tissue Services Division

LifeNet Health Tissue Services Division is dedicated to training, educating and maintaining relationships with more than 55 partners in order to promote donation in their respective communities.

Transplant Services Division

LifeNet Health Transplant Services Division is a leading, federally designated Organ Procurement Organization that coordinates the recovery and transplant of organs in Virginia and part of West Virginia, offers a comprehensive program of bereavement support for donor families, and educates the public about donation.

LifeNet Health of Florida

LifeNet Health of Florida is a division dedicated to the recovery of tissue in Northern Florida, improving the awareness of tissue donation and educating the public about donation in the Northern Florida community.

LifeNet Health | Renton

LifeNet Health's facility in Renton, Wash.,  is a full-service recovery and processing division dedicated to improving lives and increasing awareness of tissue donation and educating the public about donation in the Pacific Northwest community.

The Institute of Regenerative Medicine

Our goal at the Institute of Regenerative Medicine is to develop novel regenerative approaches and products derived from donor tissues and organs through solid research. Our focus is on improving healing in the areas that LifeNet Health has served for over 30 years.

The LifeNet Health Foundation

The LifeNet Health Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to perpetuate the honor and memory of organ and tissue donors by providing education, awareness and support to donor families and the community.

International Division

LifeNet Health International Division is dedicated to the development and management of international partners and customers.