Fresh Osteochondral Allografts

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Product Specifications

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Our Fresh Osteochondral Graft Program is designed to offer a variety of allograft choices for cartilage restoration procedures to repair articular cartilage. These osteochondral fresh grafts allow orthopedic surgeons to transplant mature hyaline cartilage with viable chondrocytes into recipients’ damaged articular surfaces.

  • Aseptically processed from carefully selected donors
  • Preserved in a nutrient-rich cell culture media with antibiotics Vancomycin and Gentamicin
  • Radiographically sized and matched using the recipient’s X-rays or MRI films 
  • Stored at refrigerated temperatures 1°C to 10°C, NOT Frozen
Refrigerated Description Sizing
ATL80 Ankle Talus - Left Varies
ATR80 Ankle Talus- Right Varies
FCA80 Hemicondyle - Left Lateral Varies
FCB80 Hemicondyle - Left Medial Varies
FCC80 Hemicondyle - Right Medial Varies
FCD80 Hemicondyle - Right Lateral Varies
FCL80 Femoral Condyle - Whole Left Varies
FCR80 Femoral Condyle - Whole Right Varies
FHL80 Femoral Head - Left Varies
FHR80 Femoral Head - Right Varies
FTA80 Bi-Compartment - Left Lateral & Trochlea Varies
FTB80 Bi-Compartment - Left Medial & Trochlea Varies
FTC80 Bi-Compartment - Right Medial & Trochlea Varies
FTD80 Bi-Compartment - Right Lateral & Trochlea Varies
FTL80 Femoral Trochlea - Left Varies
FTR80 Fermoral Trochlea - Right Varies
HHL80 Humeral Head - Left Varies
HHR80 Humeral Head - Right Varies
PAL80 Patellar Bone - Left Varies
PAR80 Patella Bone - Right Varies
PCA80 Partial Condyle - Left Lateral Varies
PCB80 Partial Condyle - Left Medial Varies
PCC80 Partial Condyle - Right Medial Varies
PCD80 Partial Condyle - Right Lateral Varies
TDL80 Tibia Distal - Left Varies
TDR80 Tibia Distal - Right Varies
TFL80 Tibial Plateau - Left Varies
TFR80 Tibial Plateau - Right Varies