FlexiGraft® Meniscus

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Product Specifications


FlexiGraft® Meniscus 
  • Convenience: Processed with tibial bone block to allow for surgical technique flexibility such as double bone plug technique, keyhole technique, or dove tail technique.
  • Safety: Menisci are processed using proprietary and patented Allowash® technology. Passes USP Sterility test prior to release.
  • Quality: All of LifeNet Health’s menisci are processed from donors 45 years old or younger to ensure best possible meniscus quality.
  • Custom Sizing: Our extensive measurement parameters are designed to find the most precise fit for the patient.
  • Custom Matching: Upon receipt of appropriate films, x-rays or MRI and using the “Pollard” sizing technique, our technical staff will provide the surgeons with precise measurements and graft options.
Clinical Application
  • Meniscus transplantation
Frozen Description Sizing
FMN LL Left Lateral Meniscus Custom Matched
FMN LM Left Medial Meniscus Custom Matched
FMN RL Right Lateral Meniscus Custom Matched
FMN RM Right Medial Meniscus Custom Matched