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Instructions for Use
Product Specifications


Biolieve is the only decellularized placental membrane to include all the native layers, including the trophoblast layer. The graft serves as a protective covering for tendons, ligaments, and nerves during soft tissue repair.

  • Superior Handling and Suturability: Retains the trophoblast layer for increased durability to hold suture and remains intact after being wrapped around a tendon and passed through a cannula.3
  • Up to Four-Times Thicker than Other Placental Membranes: The trophoblast layer contributes >50% of the graft thickness,1 making Biolieve up to four-times thicker than placental membranes that don’t contain the trophoblast layer.6
  • Retains More Native Extracellular Components: Retains up to twice the extracellular matrix components, such as growth factors, cytokines, proteoglycans, and hyaluronic acid, compared to grafts that do not include the trophoblast layer.1
  • Convenient: Room-temperature storage (10-30°C) and rehydrates quickly for ease of use.2
  • Versatile: Available in multiple sizes for a wide range of applications.2
  • Proven Technology: Uses Matracell® technology to remove cells, DNA, and RNA to decrease the likelihood of an immune response.4
  • Increased Safety: A Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6 lowers the risk of disease transmission.4,5
Clinical Application
  • Protective covering for soft tissue repairs
  • Cover and protect rotator cuff tendon repairs, nerve tissue, and ligament reconstruction
  • Protective covering and barrier for large incisions created during arthroplasty, tendon transfers, or other open procedures
Room Temperature Description Sizing
BLIEVE-202 Decellularized Placental Membrane 2 x 2 cm
BLIEVE-203 Decellularized Placental Membrane 2 x 3 cm
BLIEVE-208 Decellularized Placental Membrane 2 x 8 cm
BLIEVE-303 Decellularized Placental Membrane 3 x 3 cm
BLIEVE-404 Decellularized Placental Membrane 4 x 4 cm
BLIEVE-406 Decellularized Placental Membrane 4 x 6 cm
BLIEVE-408 Decellularized Placental Membrane 4 x 8 cm
BLIEVE-707 Decellularized Placental Membrane 7 x 7 cm
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