PliaFX® Strip

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Instructions for Use
Product Specifications


PliaFX Strip is composed of 100% cortical bone fibers, demineralized to encourage bone formation and patient healing. When rehydrated with blood or bone marrow aspirate, the PliaFX Strip remains intact and is flexible to conform to the implant site
  • Osteoinductive Potential: Optimally demineralized by LifeNet Health’s patented and proprietary PAD® technology to expose natural growth factors1-5
  • Osteoconductive: Provides a scaffold with specific pore size and porosity to promote cellular attachment and proliferation6
  • 100% Cortical Bone: Facilitates natural remodeling during the bone healing process (no human or synthetic carriers)
  • Resists Migration: Pre-formed to remain intact and in place
  • Versatile: Customizable and flexible upon rehydration to conform to the implant site
  • Safety: Terminally sterilized using proprietary and patented Allowash XG® technology, providing a sterility assurance level of 10-6 to reduce the risk of disease transmission
  • Convenience: Ambient storage for up to 5 years
Clinical Application
  • Posterolateral Fusion
  • Posterior Cervical Fusion
  • Any surgical application that requires bone void filler
Room Temperature Description Sizing
BL-1700-25100 Order Code length 100 mm, width 25 mm, thickness 4 mm
BL-1700-25050 Order Code length 50 mm, width 25 mm, thickness 4 mm
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