MatriGraft® Cortical Struts - Femur

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MatriGraft® Cortical Struts - Femur
Cortical struts, designed to reinforce cortical defects and provide immediate structural support
  • Osteoconductive: Natural bone matrix facilitates cell attachment and proliferation, and vascular in-growth
  • Structural: Cortical graft provides immediate structural support
  • 100% Human Bone: Can remodel with a patient’s own tissue during the healing process
  • Sterile: Sterilized using patented and proprietary Allowash XG technology which provides a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6, without compromising the graft’s inherent osteoconductive properties1
  • Convenient: Implant is pre-sized to fit a variety of applications and minimize prep time in the operating room
Clinical Application
  • Fracture Management
  • Joint Arthroplasty
Freeze-Dried Description Sizing
CS Cortical Strut (2/pkg.) 15 mm x 100 mm
CS1 Cortical Strut (1/pkg.) 15 mm x 100 mm
Frozen Description Sizing
FBFS Femoral Bisected Shaft (1/pkg.) L > 210 mm
FCS Cortical Strut (1/pkg.) L = 20 x 200 mm
FCS1.0 Cortical Strut (1/pkg.) L = 10 x 45 mm
FCS1.5 Cortical Strut (1/pkg.) L = 15 x 120 mm
FCSQ Cortical Strut Quarter (1/pkg.) L > 210 mm
  1. Eisenlohr LM. “Allograft Tissue Sterilization Using Allowash XG®.” 2007 Bio-Implants Brief.