Wife Honors Husband’s Generosity by Saying Yes to Donation

Sei’ne Heasley | Tissue and cornea donor

Sei’ne Heasley faced many hardships growing up. He lost his mother and his uncle, who raised him, a month apart when he was 15. As a result, he had to move from his home in North Carolina to Virginia to live with estranged relatives.

Sei’ne Heasley kissing his wife, Ashley MarieFinally out on his own at 18, Sei’ne moved in with friends, but he struggled with depression and understanding how family relationships should work. Ashley Marie, the woman who would later become his wife, saw through those issues to recognize his big heart. “I was immediately taken with Sei’ne,” she said. “As soon as we met it was just an instant connection.”

Over the years, with patience and time, Sei’ne grew into a reliable, dedicated, hardworking, creative, and generous man. When Ashley Marie began writing a novel, which she posted online, he jumped in to help. Sei’ne’s ideas and suggestions helped the publication grow to attract 100,000 readers over six months. The novel is set to be published later this year. It’s also being considered for a TV show.

Sei’ne loved animals, often befriending dogs and cats. He also loved giving. His generous spirit was highlighted every Christmas, when he would go on a quest to find his father-in-law the perfect gift. One year, when a workplace initiative to help a colleague who lost their home was lagging, he wrote a $500 check – even though it strained his bank account. He was worried Ashley Marie would be upset, but instead, she was proud. “I just hugged him. That’s so Sei’ne and I would have never been upset about that. He was joyful in his giving,” she said.

Sei’ne was only 34 when he tragically collapsed in 2021. Ashley Marie called for help right away, administering CPR until paramedics arrived, but Sei’ne could not be saved. Because his family had a history of early death due to heart disease, they had extensively discussed end-of-life decisions.

“When I heard we could donate his tissues and eyes I was like, yes, absolutely,” Ashley Marie said. “If there is one thing I could categorize Sei’ne as, it was generous and giving. He would give anybody anything if he thought it would make their day better. Giving was his love language for sure.”

Ashley Marie was thrilled to receive a letter from a patient who received one of Sei’ne’s gifts. “Because of that I don’t feel like he is gone,” she said. “He is still here with us. And that is the most wonderful gift someone can receive.”