Living the Life She Always Dreamed About

Anna Eggink | Tissue Graft Recipient

Next year, Anna Eggink, 26, will be able to fulfill her dream of dancing at her wedding. After suffering from chronic knee dislocation for more than 10 years, she wasn’t always sure that this dream would come true.

When Anna’s knee issues initially began, doctors suggested she exhaust all physical and occupational therapy options before trying surgery. In early 2015, however, both of Anna’s knees gave out and she could not walk. An orthopedic surgeon at the University of Washington Medical Center took her case.

After exploring a number of options, Anna chose to use a donor allograft for both knee surgeries.

“Since I have dealt with knee issues for most of my life, I didn’t want to weaken a different section of my leg and then relocate my own tissue graft,” explained Anna. “Adding strength from someone else's gift made the most sense.”

Her left knee operation took place in March 2015 followed by her right knee operation a year later.

In the months since the surgeries, Anna is beginning to enjoy everyday activities that weren’t always an option– going out for a run or walking her silver lab Lily without the fear of her knees giving out. She is most excited to start dance lessons in the new few months and dance with her husband on her wedding day in the summer of 2017. Anna works as a job coach for adults with physical and developmental disabilities.