FlexiGraft® Tendons

Depending on surgeon preference, technique and fixation used, many grafts within the FlexiGraft family can be used for an ACL or PCL. Frequently used grafts include Tibialis tendons, Peroneus Longus, Patellar tendons, and Achilles tendons. All of these tendons can also be used for reconstructing the MCL, LCL, or Posterior Lateral Corner (PLC).  Presutured options include GraftLink®, Connect™, Connect EXT™, Lateral Ankle, and our newest graft offering -- QuadLink™.


FlexiGraft GraftLink is a pre‑sutured tendon construct that is indicated for soft tissue approximation and/ or ligation. It can be used for ACL reconstruction procedures.

This product is not available in all markets

  • Convenience: No prep time or timely harvest of autograft required, no training for staff necessary. An out-of-the-box option for OR efficiency.
  • Consistency: Trained technicians suturing graft for construct consistency. Removes the variability between surgical assistants or physician assistants preparing the tendon.
  • Appropriate Strength for ACL: Biomechanical testing demonstrated that GraftLink pre-sutured tendons have greater ultimate load than unstitched tendons. Testing also showed that tibial side fixation was stronger than traditional interference screw.1
  • Compatible: Construct was designed by Arthrex® to be used with their GraftLink All-Inside® Technique. Specialized tools, fixation, and guides have already been developed and are in use by surgeons today.
  • Patient-Friendly: Construct eliminates donor site morbidity and associated pain from autograft harvest. This makes the procedure less invasive and potentially decreases OR time. Less OR time can mean less time under anesthesia and less tourniquet time.
  • Sterile: GraftLink is sterilized using proprietary and patented Allowash XG® technology. This provides a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6, without compromising the construct’s inherent​ biomechanical properties.2

FlexiGraft ® Cancellous Plugs and Revision Dowels

Cancellous Plugs and Revision Dowels are made from cancellous bone and are conveniently processed for room-temperature storage and medical-device grade sterility.

  • Biocompatible: FlexiGraft Cancellous Plugs and Revision Dowels are comprised of 100% human  bone which is remodeled naturally during the bone healing process.
  • Sterile: Sterilized using proprietary and patented Allowash XG® technology. This technology provides a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6, without compromising the implant’s inherent osteoconductive properties.1
  • Fully Hydrated, Ambient Storage Available: FlexiGraft Cancellous Plugs are also offered in Preservon®, a proprietary glycerol-based preservation technology that allows allograft bio-implants to be stored in a fully hydrated state at ambient temperature. 


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