Frequently Asked Questions

How may I find out about my loved one’s organ and/or tissue donation?
If you are a LifeNet Health donor family, simply contact us through this website and ask us for information on the health status of an organ recipient or information on your loved one’s tissue gift. We will be pleased to provide that information. If you are a donor family outside of the LifeNet Health service area, you should contact the organ procurement organization that worked with you at the time of your loved one’s death.

May I correspond with the recipient of my loved one’s organ or tissue?
For LifeNet Health Organ Donor Families
Organ recipients can write to their donor’s family by sending the letter to Donor Family Services, which we forward to the family. Families can also write to the recipients. If you wish to do so click on Writing to Your Donor’s Recipients to download the brochure which will guide you through the process.

For LifeNet Health Tissue Donor Families
Tissue recipients can write to their donor’s family by sending their letter to Donor Family Services. The letter will be forwarded to the donor family who can then respond if the recipient has included their contact information. The donor family cannot initiate the correspondence as we do not know who the recipients are until they send a message.

Can I meet the recipients?
Donor family and recipient meetings are possible once letters have been exchanged and both sides want to meet. Donor Family Services can help facilitate these meetings. We caution families not to try to find recipients using social media or news information as this can lead to false hope or meeting someone who is not the recipient of your loved ones gift.